Excursion options for Keweenaw Base Camp are listed below. For those signing up for a Limitless or Servant Event program, choose one of these excursions to be included in the cost of your trip.

Sea Kayaking

Keweenaw Base Camp teams up with Keweenaw Adventure Company to offer beautiful kayaking excursions on Lake Superior. Receive instruction from experienced guides before climbing into your kayak and taking on “Da’ Big Lake.” Explore shipwrecks, lighthouses and miles of shoreline crevices as you paddle through the crystal clear water.

Quincy Mine

Explore a copper mine just 8 miles from Keweenaw Base Camp! Start above ground overlooking the entire city of Houghton as you learn how the mine came to be during the copper boom decades ago. Then follow their path as you and your group venture several hundred feet down into the mine to view equipment left behind and find out how miners in the early 1900’s risked their lives using primitive tools to dig out precious copper.

Bare Bluff

The journey is rigorous, but the destination is worth it! Drive deep into the Keweenaw back country and then hike up and up until the trees clear and you are left with a breathless 180 degree view of Lake Superior. This excursion is truly for team building, as you must work together to traverse the steep trails, at times climbing hand and foot to reach the top.

Challenge yourself and your group as you put on your harness and climb 25 feet up to encounter the many aerial challenges on Michigan Tech’s high ropes course. Conquer your fear of heights as you take on each new challenge, and finish your experience by flying down the zip line! There are elements suited to any skill level, making this the ideal excursion for the truly adventurous group.

High Ropes

Of the many outstanding waterfall destinations in the Keweenaw, Hungarian falls is one of the most spectacular. Explore around and underneath many of the upper falls and even go for a swim in the crystal clear pools on a hot day. Make your way down to the final waterfall which drops 35 feet in its decent towards Torch Lake. Hike the trails and descend the steep slopes as you truly become one with God’s creation.

Hungarian Falls

If you’re looking for extreme, you found it! Hiking deep into this mine is just the start, as you then have the option to put on a harness and rappel 80 feet to the deepest levels. Explore to your heart’s content as copper can still be found in this historic mine.

Adventure Mine

Believe it or not, the Keweenaw Peninsula is home to several world-class mountain biking circuits. Whether your group is looking for a scenic ride through the rolling hills of the countryside, or wants to be challenged on some of the world’s best singletrack, the Keweenaw has what you need! This excursion is for groups looking to test themselves physically in this rugged country.

Mountain Biking