Every Kid to Camp

"Thank you for providing this life-changing experience for my child."

What is “Every Kid to Camp?”

“Every Kid to Camp” is a ministry that sends kids to camp at no expense to their parents (except transportation) and provides financial aid through Camperships to those in need. The ministry goal is that every child in the North Wisconsin District, and beyond, attends a five-day camp before they reach the ninth grade.

Give online, via mobile device, or mail:

  • Download the Pushpay app for your phone or other mobile device.
  • Mail us a check. Please click on "Forms and Information" on the right, print and complete, and mail to Camp Luther, 1889 Koubenec Rd. Three Lakes, WI 54562.
  • If you are interested in recurring gifts through your checking/savings accounts via electronic funds transfer, we would be glad to assist you in setting that up through Vanco Services. EFT form is available for download.
  • We also accept gifts of stocks or mutual funds. We are thankful for our friends at the LCMS Foundation who provide expertise in gifting non-cash assets. They can be reached at 800-325-7912, or contact Camp Luther and we can put in you in touch.

Your gift will be acknowledged promptly. We will also provide a giving statement at year's end. Donors of $100 or more annually are recognized as a Friend of Camp in our Breeze newsletter.

What is the purpose of the “Every Kid to Camp” ministry?

The purpose of the “Every Kid to Camp” ministry is to help kids build a stronger foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a unique experience where youth grow in maturity, self-worth, and most importantly, in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s a tremendous blessing that every one of our children deserve to experience. It’s about connecting KIDS to CHRIST through CAMP…one kid at a time.

Why is summer camp so important?

Summer camp is a life-changing experience that will make a difference in the spiritual life of a child…and their family. Lifelong habits, values, and attitudes are formed between the ages of 5 thru 12. By age 9 (4th grade) most of the moral and spiritual foundations of a child are in place. By age 13 a child’s spiritual identity is largely set, and their spiritual condition is a strong predictor of their spiritual profile as an adult.

Kids who attend summer camp will see life through a different set of eyes…Jesus’ eyes. Kids will not only build relationships with new friends, but more importantly, with Jesus Christ. A week of summer camp “creates memories and changes lives” of kids.

What are the goals for “Every Kid to Camp?”

The goals of the “Every Kid to Camp” ministry are to:

  • help kids build a strong foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.
  • help transform kids into spiritual champions.
  • create memories and change lives of kids through a summer camp experience.
  • give every child the opportunity to attend a summer camp at Camp Luther at least one time.
  • send 400 kids to Camp Luther every year at no expense to their parents.
  • provide Camperships to those in need of financial aid.

How can I help send kids to camp? What about matching gifts?

You can help send kids to summer camp at Camp Luther through monetary gifts. Annual gifts of any size are always welcome to help send kids to summer camp. Multi-year pledges (3-5 years) of any size consistently help build up the “Every Kid to Camp” annual fund. You can also make a gift that will keep on giving for years to come through the Lee Belmas “Every Kid to Camp” Endowment Fund. The endowment pays 5% of the balance each year to the annual fund.

How can I learn more about Camp Luther and the “Every Kid to Camp” ministry?

Contact Shelly Karolus for a personal visit. She would be delighted to visit with you and share more information about this special ministry.

Shelly Karolus 1-715-350-9421 shelly@campluther.com

How can Thrivent Financial for Lutherans help “Every Kid to Camp” and Camp Luther if I am a policy holder?

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has given you a choice to help kids with its charitable giving program — Thrivent Choice. Thrivent members can now decide which qualifying organization(s) should receive a portion, or all of their allocated “Choice Dollars.” Choice Dollars are the funds that an eligible member (depends on which policies/investments you have with Thrivent) can choose to designate and generally range between $25 and $500 for each member. The great news about this is that Thrivent will write the check for you. It’s free money! Camp Luther (which includes the “Every Kid to Camp” ministry) is one of the eligible organizations, and we would appreciate it if you would consider giving your CHOICE DOLLARS to Camp Luther. If you aren’t sure if you’re eligible or just simply want to learn more about Thrivent Choice, please go to www.thrivent.com/choice and click “Get Started,” or call Thrivent at 800-847-4836 and state “Thrivent Choice.”

Your choice of “Camp Luther” will help send more kids to camp through the “Every Kid to Camp” ministry and will help Camp Luther as well.

Thank you very much for supporting CAMP LUTHER through THRIVENT CHOICE. You are a blessing to many.

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