The Wish List

The Camp Luther Wish List is a continually updated listing of current improvements needed at camp. We encourage your help in making Camp Luther a better place for all who enjoy it. Items are not necessarily listed in order of priority. If you can donate any of these items, or know where we can get them, please contact Gary "Woody" Vought, Executive Director.

If you would like to support this ministry on an ongoing basis, please visit our Online Donation Form where you can give a gift to the Outdoor Ministry Fund (unrestricted) or Every Kid to Camp on a monthly basis or as a one-time gift.

Thank You!
(updated November 2018)

  • Your Prayers!
  • New trail bikes for campers and families ($325 each)
  • AEDs for Cottage area of Camp ($1700 each)
  • New chairs for Upper Room meeting area ($800)
  • New phone system for Camp office ($4500)
  • Summer Counselor dressers for rooms ($300 each)
  • Pack-able/portable tents for IMPACT and other off-site programming ($120 each)
  • New tongue and groove paneling for RC rooms ($1600 each room)
  • New or used Office desks ($100-$300)
  • Cottage Furniture – dressers, futons, etc. ($300-$1000)
  • Cross Country Skis, Boots, Poles ($250 per set)
  • Waterfront Toy to replace Rock-It ($2500)
  • Dodgeballs and Basketballs ($25-$100)
  • Stand Up Paddleboards & Paddles ($400 per set)
  • Zip Line Harnesses ($40 each)
  • Power and hand tools for KBC service projects ($20-$150 each)
  • Ping Pong table ($500)
  • Photo and video editing software ($200)
Camp Luther
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Building up believers in Christ for service to the Church and witness to the world!
A subsidiary ministry of the North Wisconsin District, Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Camp Luther is a Christian camp on the Three Lakes / Eagle River Chain of Lakes in Northern Wisconsin specializing in the highest quality outdoor ministry and recreation opportunities including includes location, contacts, programs, summer camp schedule, activities, facilities and rates.
Camp Luther, Three Lakes, WI
Three Lakes
1889 Koubenec Rd.
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