“I went to Camp Luther when I was a kid and had a great time! Now I have two daughters, and one is there this week and one is going in August! Every year they can’t wait to go back! My oldest daughter is already planning on trying to be a counselor next year! It is a great place for you to grow in your faith!”
— Sandra, Parent

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April 27-29 | May 12, 2018 | Oct. 19-21

Bring your family and friends for one or more of our three volunteer work weekends. These weekends are invaluable to help us keep Camp Luther looking and working its best for our guests and campers.

January 11-13 | 18-20 | 25-27

Experience a weekend in the Northwoods that's filled with adventure, laughter, and some amazing hot chocolate. More than that, this weekend provides your group with the opportunity to recharge and be reminded again of who they are in Jesus Christ.

February 8-10 | Fri 7:00p - Sun 10:30a

Bundle up and bring the family for an exciting weekend of winter activities and growing together in faith. Gather families from your church and make it a group outing, or just get away for a family weekend.