“This experience changed my life...”

Junior Counselors

As a Junior Counselor, you will spend two weeks volunteering at camp. They will be some of the hardest and best weeks of your life. You will serve and laugh and lead and love. You'll spend each week serving with a camper group, working with our summer staff to help lead a small group of kids. These kids will think you are the coolest person in the world, and you'll get to share in their life and their faith. You'll be mentored by our summer staff and encouraged as you follow Jesus Christ. And you'll get to be part of an unforgettable community of your fellow JC's.

You must currently be a sophomore in high school or older to apply to be a Junior Counselor. 

The application deadline for the 2019 Junior Counselor Application was February 1, 2019. The application is now closed. If you missed the deadline but are still interested in applying to be a Junior Counselor at Camp Luther this summer, please contact Kardia at kardia@campluther.com.

All individuals who applied to serve as a Junior Counselor for Summer 2019 will be contacted by Thursday, March 7 with our final decision regarding the Junior Counselor selection process.

Application Process:

Step One: Fill out the 2019 Junior Counselor Application

Step Two: Choose a pastor/youth leader and a teacher/coach to serve as your references and have them fill out the recommendation form:

Application Timeline:

  • The Junior Counselor application for Summer 2019 will go live on November 1, 2018.

  • Completed applications are due by February 1st, 2019.

  • If you missed the application deadline but are still interested in applying to be a Junior Counselor at Camp Luther this summer, please contact Kardia at kardia@campluther.com.

  • After submitting your application, you will be contacted by Camp Luther staff to set up an interview time together.

  • Final decisions regarding who has been selected to serve as a Junior Counselor will be made at the end of February. Applicants can expect to be contacted at the beginning of March regarding whether or not they have been selected.

Selection Information:

  • Camp Luther selects around 60 Junior Counselors to serve each summer. Each of the five 2-week sessions are filled with 10-15 Junior Counselors.

  • On a typical year, we receive close to 100 applications to serve as a Junior Counselor. This makes for a challenging selection process. Junior Counselor selections are made based on a variety of different factors, including strength of your application, references, and interview; as well as summer availability. In general, we try to give as many people as possible the opportunity to serve as a Junior Counselor--if you apply as a sophomore or junior and are not selected, we highly encourage you to apply again the next year!

  • Having served as a Junior Counselor a previous summer is not a guarantee that you will be selected should you choose to apply the following summer. You are still required to go through the application process.

Program Information:

Your time at Camp Luther will primarily be spent serving a small group of campers and leading them through their week at camp as part of a team led by our summer staff. In addition, you will be spend time training, growing as a community, building your faith, and helping serve Camp Luther through a variety of different cleaning assignments and work projects.

This year's session dates are as follows:

Session 1: June 8 - 22
Session 2: June 22 - July 6
Session 3: July 6 - 20
Session 4: July 20 - August 3
Session 5: August 3 - 17


How much time do I get off during my JC session?
Serving as a Junior Counselor, most of your days will be spent being with your camper group and helping to serve the ministry of camp. There will be some time set aside during the weekend in between your first and second week at camp for you to relax and hang out with your fellow JCs, as well as enjoy the fun of camp. Otherwise, expect to work hard and have a blast serving at camp!

What if I've never been to Camp Luther before? Can I still serve as a JC?
Absolutely! We welcome any high school students looking to grow in their leadership and faith to apply to be a Junior Counselor. Your service as a JC will likely challenge you in different ways than someone who is more familiar with our summer programs, but the training we provide will get you up to speed in no time.

The session dates I'm available for have changed. How do I let you know?
PLEASE let us know immediately if there is a change to the available dates that you indicated on your application. We rely on this information to be able to fill our different sessions, and changes in this information can have significant consequences if we are not informed before final selections are made. If you need to change the session dates you are available for, please email Kardia at kardia@campluther.com with the changes.

Can I do laundry while I'm at Camp Luther? 
Yes! The weekend in between your first and second week at camp there will be time set aside for you to do laundry using camp's facilities.

Am I allowed to have my phone during my JC session?
In order to encourage our Junior Counselors to be intentional about community building and to remain focused on their campers, we do not allow Junior Counselors to have their phone with them during the week. There will be time set aside on the weekend for you to check your phone, touch base with family/friends, etc. However, we want to encourage you to be present during your experience here, and limiting technology use is a part of this. Should you need to call home, or if your family needs to get in touch with you due to an emergency situation, Camp Luther staff will be able to facilitate this process. 

Got any questions that aren't answered above? Send them to kardia@campluther.com and we'll add them to list!