Where should I stay?

The daily schedule for Pathfinder, Trailblazer, and Discovery is similar regardless of housing accommodations. Each day campers will prepare one meal outdoors, with all other meals served in the Dining Hall. Villages have no electricity, but are equipped with a kitchen center, fire circle, water spigot, and privy, and are supported by a common bathhouse with showers, sinks, toilets, and changing rooms. Staying in a village offers the opportunity to spend more time outdoors and a more “rustic” lifestyle.


Tour our villages without leaving your chair!


Housing Options

RC from couryard side.jpg

Retreat Center

- Dormitory style housing
- Each room consists of one bunk-bed and two single beds
- Shared bathrooms and shower facilities


Tower Village

- Four tower cabins each house two bunk-beds and are topped with lookout decks
- Located in a pine forest


Pioneer Village

- Consists of four covered wagons, each containing four single beds
- Located in a pine forest


Tent Villages

- Consists of four army-style platform tents, each containing two bunk-beds


Treehouse Village

- Each treehouse has four rooms which each contain one bunk-bed
- Located in a pine forest


Noah’s Ark Village

- The “Ark” has below deck rooms and an above deck hang out area
- Contains four rooms which each house two bunk-beds
- Located in a hardwood forest


Fort Village

- Replica of “old West” frontier fort
- Four square tower cabins each contain two bunk-beds
- Located in a hardwood forest

What about NEW Fort Village?

The process of building new Fort Village began this fall with the excavation of the site. Due to weather and needing more donations and volunteers, work will continue in the spring. The completion of Fort Village is dependent on weather, volunteers, and donations received. Our prayer is to have it ready in July.

However, you can still register to stay in Fort! The "old" Fort Village will still be used until the new one is completed. If you would like to donate to this project, you can do so here. New Fort Village becomes closer to a reality with the wonderful support of those who love Camp Luther!