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Send a Message to a Camper

Please use the message form to contact your camper.

Messages are a great way to encourage a camper and to let them know they are loved and supported. We recommend not discussing problems at home, the death of a pet or a loved one.

Messages will be delivered Monday through Thursday at 2:30pm. Messages received after 2:30pm Thursday will not be delivered. If you need to get a message to a camper you are picking up on Friday after that time, please call 715-546-3647 and leave a message on the General Mailbox. Please be aware that campers are not able to respond to email messages--emails will be printed and distributed on paper.

Because of the base-camp nature of Keweenaw Base Camp, we are NOT able to deliver emails to KBC campers. Letters can be mailed to KBC with your child’s name listed in the attention line. Keweenaw Base Camp's address is: 14603 Love Lake Road, Atlantic Mine, MI 49905.

God Bless! The Camp Luther Staff